Junior Web Content Specialist

Job Description:

The Junior Web Content Specialist shall assist the Department with web content management of its public-facing websites, primarily HUD’s official website, HUD.gov, HUD’s official Intranet site, HUD@work. Additionally, this role shall assist the Department with managing the Department’s official event registration system, web statistical software, HUD’s website feedback email inbox and refreshing HUD.gov’s and HUD@work’s look and feel/template.

Job Location:



  • Responsible for creating web pages, posting, editing, and deleting content using HUD’s content management system Running detailed web statistical reports on a weekly basis using a statistical analysis tool such as Google Analytics.
  • Ensuring that HUD’s event registration system is running properly and reporting and fixing any issues in a timely matter.
  • Maintaining the search function on both HUD.gov and HUD@work
  • Running monthly broken link and orphan reports
  • Creating microsites and applications
  • Produce a quarterly Web Location Report in electronic format. It shall specify the hierarchy and location of all HUD Internet and Intranet directories that hold Web content and data sources. Each directory mapped shall also list and number the data types located in each directory.
  • Responsible for drafting technical documentation for procedures and projects and providing technical assistance to the web team.
  • Responsible for tracking all tasks using a ticketing system and conduct occasional meetings with Subject Matter Experts to discuss, plan and deploy site section redesigns and special projects.
  • Assist in design customer surveys, create a dashboard to monitor and analyze customer feedback and develop improvement plans to act on the insights.
  • Assist in providing HUD user support and assistance for service desk tickets.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Communication or Marketing.
    • 2 years of related experience.

    How to Apply:

    To apply to this position email your resume to jobs@zarteksolutions.com

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