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IT Infrastructure & Integration Support

IT infrastructure is a critical factor for any enterprise’s operations and future growth and overlooking such an important factor can significantly impact your organization’s performance, productivity, and security. At Zartek, we join forces with our clients to design, develop and deliver efficient solutions tailored to suit all your IT infrastructure and integration needs. Zartek provides high-quality IT infrastructure and integration support to help you align your existing IT infrastructure to new and ever-growing business and technical requirements. We apply industry best practices to minimize costs, improve performance, and enhance scalability.

We understand that unification and integration of systems, data, and processes are critical to an organization’s growth, both internally (within departments) and externally (with customers and partners). Accordingly, we support our clients with all-inclusive infrastructure support that includes analysis, monitoring, planning, budgeting, operational support, and maintenance of networks, data centers, servers, operating systems, file systems, and more. Our highly qualified IT personnel team ensures your IT infrastructure is always ready to adapt to any change without compromising security and performance.

Under IT infrastructure management, we offer –

  • Infrastructure Monitoring – We leverage the latest monitoring tools to assess performance on the server, application, database, or network level for your existing IT infrastructure. We aim to continuously maintain the health, security, and integrity of your organization’s databases, networks, servers, and systems.
  • Database Support – For cloud-based and on-premises databases, we offer database design & implementation, performance tuning, migration, monitoring, and disaster recovery support to achieve the objective of establishing scalable, reliable, secure, and manageable databases.
  • IT Modernization – We support organizations in revolutionizing and digitally transforming their IT infrastructure by implementing modernization initiatives on current IT resources to tackle any current and future enterprise architectural constraints.
  • IT Infrastructure Security – Zartek ensures the security of IT infrastructures by implementing best practices & security standards, performing regular vulnerability scans, and executing corrective actions for all infrastructure components, including operating systems, servers, file systems, and more.

With technical expertise, experience, and proven methodologies, Zartek is your trusted partner for IT infrastructure and integration support.

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