Information Assurance

With the rise of new technologies and new ways of customer interactions, security threats are becoming more complex and impactful on business. Implementing security in a systematic manner rather than making it from the beginning can result in serious security threats and flaws, which can results in hefty to fix than to avoid them during the requirements, design, and implementation phases.

Zartek helps organizations address data security challenges in software, systems, and organizational processes, allowing our clients to minimize risk and adopt new technologies with the highest possible level of system security. Our unique combination of talented people and leading-edge technology allows us to meet the most demanding data security needs and successfully provide complex security solutions.

Our Software Security Center of Excellence is a concentration of diverse security expertise, encompassing everything from application security to penetration testing to information systems audit and management consulting.

Zartek Software Security Practice offers:

  • Software Security Assessments using dynamic, static, or hybrid application security testing methods.
  • Network, system, application, and social engineering penetration tests.
  • Secure development training and awareness programs for software security assurance.
  • Implementation of software security practices throughout your software development lifecycle.
  • Diverse engagement models, such as one-time security assessments, continuous software security assurance and managed application security services.


  • Dedicated team of Software Security.
  • Top-class standards, regulations and practices.
  • Extensive expertise in large scale security projects.

We aim to become a part of your team, share your goals and help you realize the strategic vision of your business. Zartek’s deep business domain expertise and advanced IT security services ensure that your critical information assets are protected against emerging cyber threats.