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Staff Augmentation

A qualified and dedicated staff is the most powerful and critical aspect behind any organization’s success. Whether to extend an existing workforce, fill gaps in teams, or boost projects, you need talented staff who are just suitable for the job. Zartek provides staff augmentation services to help you find the right staff who are fully dedicated to your organization and projects.

Zartek has over 9 years of experience helping clients find technically skilled resources with comprehensive staffing solutions for long- and short-term projects. We support our customers searching for qualified, trained, and certified resources with specialized or hard-to-find skills. Our recruiter network includes experienced hiring managers who are experts in finding the right talent at the correct cost. Whether you require a single resource or an entire team of personnel, we bring the ability to scale up your workforce with certified professionals.

We have a dedicated account management team and managers to support our customers in candidate recruitment. Our services include:

  • Helping organizations gain critical skillsets for their IT and management operations by identifying resources and/or building a whole team of qualified personnel within a few weeks to support projects and tasks.
  • Our staffing solution include software developers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, UX designers, ServiceNow experts project managers, and other specialists as required.
  • Supporting organizations in increasing workforce and managing staffing surges due to customer demand, seasonal business, project transition, etc.

Our staff augmentation solutions help clients gain access to true talent ready to work from Day 1. We aid customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market by building a competent team that ensures your operations or projects run smoothly, efficiently and bring value to your organization.

Zartek is the perfect place to discover the Staff Augmentation solutions you need!