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Independent Test & Evaluation

In any system or solution development project, it is essential to identify potential defects and problems as undetected defects can adversely impact project progress and objectives. Independent test and evaluation lead to detention and elimination of defects in earlier project stages before it can adversely affect solution delivery.

Zartek offers a full range of independent tests and evaluations (T&E) throughout the entire system development life cycle (SDLC) to compare each component against recognized requirements and specifications. We leverage recognized testing methodologies to perform T&E for complex systems and technologies, including government and commercial IT and information systems. The objective of T&E is to ensure that the software solution or component is functioning as expected.

Our experienced staff has expertise in evaluating different IT solutions using various tools.

  • Unit testing evaluates each isolated unit for functionality and performance to improve the quality of code and enable seamless integration with other units and system elements.
  • Integration testing – Our team tests a system’s ability to integrate with other systems to provide and share data, information, and services to operate effectively together. We ensure each unit interfaces with other departments, software, and hardware elements properly.
  • System testing evaluates the completed coded and integrated system to assess its functionality against the specified requirements.
  • Acceptance testing – To ensure that software is ready for delivery, Zartek’s team evaluates the system to cover all requirements and confirm that system availability meets requirements.
  • Performance testing – We conduct testing to identify any potential performance issues and determine the system’s performance characteristics using predictive models. We check the system’s responsiveness and stability in real user situations.
  • Security testing – We perform testing to identify security risks and determine if the information and data are protected from cyber-attacks.
  • Usability testing – Zartek’s team conducts usability of a system or software to evaluate its ease to use or user-friendliness to identify any usability defects before the software is released for users.
  • Compatibility testing evaluates software’s compatibility with different operating systems, platforms, hardware, browsers, devices, network environments, or resolution configurations.

By employing best practices and proven test processes, we identify potential performance and product issues in systems and recommend practical, cost-effective remediation. Zartek’s testing solutions focus on improving software quality, speeding up the lifecycle process while reducing costs. The objective is to ensure that each software component meets all functional and non-functional requirements.