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Damian Smulders
CTOCTO, DeepOcean Entertainment

Data & Business Analytics

Data and business analytics connect data with people and technology with ideas. For any organization, digital transformation and progress always start with insights and information gathered from data and business analytics. Such analytics allow for data-driven decision-making and make the path for optimized processes and improved operational efficiency.

At Zartek, we help organizations optimize their decision-making capabilities by combining advanced data technology, data sciences, and deep insights to form data and business analytics solutions. We help customers follow a structured approach to derive the most from their data with the help of advanced analytics. We have a team of certified data and business analysts, who have experience and domain expertise in Power BI, interactive predictive analytics, and other advanced analytics and data discovery tools.

Our process for data and business analytics includes:

  • Planning – We identify opportunities for organizational growth and potential challenges and risks. We create a plan that includes anticipated trends, bottlenecks, and what-if scenarios. Our strategic planning drives innovation and collaboration.
  • Execution – Based on the approved plan, we evaluate the existing platforms, systems, organizational structure, trends, and business practices to measure organizational performance, efficiency, and areas for improvement. For issues and bottlenecks, we perform root cause analysis to identify the real source of problems.
  • Decision Making – After gathering a comprehensive view of the organization’s data and business information, our team supports customers in decision-making by highlighting growth opportunities and potential problems.
  • Optimization – We optimize the business processes, organizational operations, and implement automation in the analytical support to introduce continuous monitoring. We provide and implement recommendations for performance tuning.

Zartek takes a deep dive into your business and organizational structure to identify each weak spot that can hinder your growth. We suggest and implement customized data and business analytics tactics to tackle unique challenges. We lay a strong foundation for your organization to boost return on investment (ROI) by gaining insights into your business, customers, and market. Zartek is ready to convert your data and processes into valuable insights.