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Cyber Security Support Services

Cyber security is the weapon that protects against attacks with the ability to bring your organization and operations to their knees. In the face of cyber threats and security breaches, that grow more vicious each day, organizations and businesses need to treat cyber security as a priority and enhance security practices frequently.

At Zartek, we understand the unique cyber security challenges of government and commercial organizations from different sectors, including healthcare, financial, education, and more. Zartek offers enterprise-wide cyber security services to assess vulnerability, compliance, and security of your systems to provide competent solutions to make your organization more resilient, proactive, secure against cyber threats and to derive high-risk assurance. With several years of industry experience, we recognize organizations’ vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber attackers and hackers to steal trade secrets, demand ransom, halt operations, and harm users/customers.

Zartek provides a variety of cyber security solutions:

  • Application Security – Our team assists in testing applications/software to identify weak spots and vulnerabilities during development and testing phases to ensure protection against any cyber attack after release.
  • Cloud Security – We help our customers secure their public, private, and hybrid cloud environments by detecting vulnerabilities in their security structure and implementing enhancements to gain protection against malicious attacks.
  • Network Security – Zartek’s solutions secure enterprise-level networks from intruders, malicious traffic, and opportunistic malware by mitigating threats and fortifying network defense capabilities.
  • Endpoint Security – We provide endpoint protection services to ensure every device and server in your network is protected against threats like breaches, malware, ransomware, and unauthorized access.
  • Cyber Security Strategy – Zartek provides strategic planning services to help organizations develop and implement security policies that are aligned with business priorities and security requirements.

Zartek’s cyber security solutions encompass identification, configuration, development, deployment, and monitoring of security policies and mitigation of security risks for security compliance, risk management, and data privacy. Zartek promises to ensure your organization and users are safe against the latest cyber threats.